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Successful completion of the recertification program indicates that a colonoscopist has met the criteria at the time of receiving recertification. GESA makes no warranty as to any colonoscopist continuing to meet those criteria beyond the date of recertification. Recertified practitioners may have several practice locations listed.

Children and infants have different indications for undergoing colonoscopy to adults, and as such the criteria applied to adult colonoscopists to achieve Recertification is not relevant to those performing colonoscopy on paediatric patients. Different measures of quality in colonoscopy have been applied to paediatric colonoscopists and can be viewed on the criteria page available from the menu above.

"Certified" colonoscopists have recently completed their endoscopy training by satisfying the training standards set out by the CCRTGE. They will be required to then "Recertify" by the third anniversary of their original certification.

Where a colonoscopist is listed as “Recertified” they have received their initial CCRTGE recognition of training (Certification) and have subsequently Recertified and satisfied the requirements of the Colonoscopy Recertification Program.